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Create a Photo Collage in Photoshop

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Collage Composition


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Create a Collage - Introduction

Open Multiple Images as Layers into One Document

In this four part series, we will create a simple collage in Photoshop using a combination of essential Photoshop techniques.

Creating a collage is one of those things that Photoshop can do with effortless ease. The only real hard work is in deciding what images to use.

To keep things simple (and because I'm conceited) I use images I created for previous Pixovert tutorials in this series.

The introduction and first part of the series are below, the following three videos will come in the next few weeks. can be found through the navigator.

How to Open Multiple Images in Photoshop

There is a native way of opening up multiple images in Photoshop CS5, but not a very obvious one. Using a trick in Bridge it can be done with relative ease. This technique works with most images but does not accommodate anything that includes a smart object.

The next video looks at adding extra files to the document.


But if this hasn't whetted your appetite, what about a different kind of collage using 3D text. The concept is the same, but the techniques used are entirely different. (Note 3D is available in extended versions of Photoshop CS and in the Creative Cloud, CC, editions of Photoshop.)


Collage Composition
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