Content Aware Scaling - with Gimp's Liquid Rescale Plugin

Content Aware Scaling in Gimp

The Liquid Rescale Plugin

A Flexible and Very useful Plugin


The Liquid Rescale plugin provides similar tools to Adobe Photoshop's content aware scale as seen in this video.

Liquid Rescale relies on seam carving - this is a way of autosensing key features in an image and applying effects to the background whilst leaving the features unmolested.

The plugin has a wealth of features but is pretty easy to get started with.

The plugin was provided as a package of optional addons for Gimp in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 and most features worked with reliability. However the perservation mask - which allows users to identify, by hand, features that should not be rescaled, worked a good deal better than the removal mask which is intended to delete unwanted sections. You can see the kind of thoroughly respectable results possible in the video below which was produced on Ubuntu Linux.

The latest Windows implementation had a bug that caused the plugin to fail on XP and on Windows 7, but an older version provided similar results to those produced in Ubuntu Linux, inspite of one or two apparently neglible bugs.

A manual and other useful resources can be found on the plugin's Wiki site.

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