Youtube Background with Gimp Template

Youtube Background with Template and Glitzy Letters

Creating a Stylish Background in Gimp

Resources for Youtube 2.0 Background Design


Gimp is for the most part as useful as Photoshop for designing backgrounds.

You can download the template below. And if you are looking for the latest Youtube 3.0 channel design template this can be found in the PixList downloads area.

The Gimp Youtube layout tutorial video covers not only the use of the template but looks also at a technique for creating glitzy bling, bling text. A very long video, but one filled with all sorts of useful tips.

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Download Gimp Theme Free Youtube Template

You can download the Youtube Background Template below . It should be easy to use, but if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact Pixovert Support for assistance.

Optionally you can get the Mathmap Plugin to follow some of the steps in the video tutorial.

Download this file (Gimp Youtube Background Youtube Background[Gimp Youtube Background]14 Kb
Download this file (Gimp Youtube Background Template-A002.xcf)Gimp Youtube Background Template.xcf[Gimp Youtube Background Template - unzipped]136 Kb
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